BTEC Level 6 Sports and Clinical Massage, Cert: Ed, Complementary Therapies, Advanced MyoFascial Bodywork, TMJ Therapy, Stress Management ScarWork, BoneWork CranialWork.


20 years experience as a Dental Nurse combined with 20 years as a therapist, led to the creation of the Original TMJ Therapy®. Tracey has contributed to industry publications and books on her specialist subject. A teacher for 15 years, Tracey created her own training school, Blend Therapy Training in 2015. Dedicated to delivering affordable, inspirational highest quality advanced bodywork training, in the North of England, whilst taking the very best care of her students. Passionate about all things bodywork, and fascinated by fascia, Tracey brings her own blend of extensive expertise and good humour to all of her courses. She also regularly hosts star guest lecturers from across the globe.

About Me

Tracey loves to travel, and spend time with her 2 dogs 3 cats and 2 grandchildren. Her ‘claim to fame’ is once having to say no to Beyonce, when asked to be her therapist backstage. Luckily for Beyonce the next time she asked Tracey was available

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